Groom Guy inks partnership with "yours truly" hotel for pop-up shop

It looks like the summer is gearing to heat up. As the nation's capital goes completely Wrestlemania-style on granting DC's its official statehood, there's been some workings about ten minutes away. Groom Guy steps in a new direction with an official pop-up shop partnering with hotel powerhouse Yours Truly Hotel. Located in the shining downtown area of the District, the studio will as a "self-care sanctuary" serving as icing on the cake with the current climate of hotel offerings. A socially distant space will be integrated into the main lobby of the hotel where you can indulge in cocktails, coffee and/or catch up on Zoom calls with public working spaces. The Groom Guy Pop-Up will be modernized with everything being almost contactless and retail products courtesy of celebrity hairdresser Vaughn Acord and his premium men's grooming brand V76 products. You'l

Groom Guy is also partnering with Washington DC-based art boutique Homme DC where hotel guests and the public can indulge in bidding on local artworks that are displayed exclusively in the studio.

"We're super excited about this partnership for this spring / summer. It made sense and it was time. This is Groom Guy 3.0" says Darius aka Sunny D. The 300+ room hotel consists of a cafe MercyMe, a record store El Doughnut Shoppe, and the lineup of luxury and comfortable hotel services. The hair studio launches this week on May 15th 2021 inside YoursTruly Hotel. Stay tuned for pre-booking appointment slots.


Premiere: Jawn Boy brings new sounds to self-care with Groom Guy Radio

Some of us may be battling the stubble or feeling the inconsistency of seeing the local barber-stylist since the pandemic began last year. Don't worry, we've cooked up something that'll get you through. Nobody wants to shave in silence or maybe bathe in boredom, so we're bringing it all straight to you.


Recently teaming with Washington DC's Jawn Boy, we reintroduce Groom Guy Radio premiering Self-Care Sounds Mix 001 where we bring you the official soundtrack to self-care. From barbershop vibrations to the energy of a salon, we want it to feel like you never left. Now you can clean your bathroom, wash your beard, get ready for a virtual date night in style. Stay tuned for our new monthly playlist series.

Stay Polish'd & turn the volume all the way up! Catch the latest from Jawn Boy of Bumppp Records! HERE.

Quick Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him / Her During Covid


Nothing I say I love you more than a box of chocolate right? Wrong. Another year of racing to the local market spending $100 roses and another $5 on a random Hallmark card is self-deprecating. For some procrastination still rules causing some last-minute plans to easily turn into last-90 seconds. If you’re looking for some refreshing ideas for Valentine's Day that's buried in pandemic regulations and constant paranoia, then look no further. Here are some great self-care supplies your partner would like to meet all their personal needs. 


Work supply gloves 

If you like seeing them get their hands dirty doing housework, then get them the right costume for it. Many of us are in our homes but handling household repairs and little fixes, a nice set of work gloves gets your partner protected but keeps you daydreaming (construction site fantasties, hello). Premium workwear gloves like Carthartt keep your hands warm, but they also block rain, wick away sweat, and offer rugged coverage on the job site.



Staycation Package

We may not be able to travel freely but that doesn't mean we can’t bring the vacation style to us. Recreate the palm trees, spa days, and even ocean sounds with a couple of days at your nearby hotel. Add a little character with the hotel booking by spending a little extra for the upscale treatment. Bring snacks to the room for an evening of thrill and spontaneity. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get into an M&M and spend hours binge-watching new shows like Your Honor or Lovecraft Country? Make sure to bring your best fit nightwear. Dump those tired shirts and recycled underwear and buy something that’ll keep the fire burning all night long. A fresh pair of 100% cotton V-necks tees and patterned briefs and you’re already in the clear for an afternoon delight! 

Crunched for time? Download the app HotelTonight for easy reservations for a hotel room a DAY before. Be sure to filter for luxury options. IMPORTANT: When you get there, ask the front desk if a bigger room is available. You may get lucky and they assign you to a suite. It happens!



Professional Photoshoot 

We’re living in unforgettable times and many of us will cherish this quarantine journey. Although you both may be tested, it's a perfect time to celebrate these magic moments. Photographs have power in capturing a variation of emotions that are timeless between two people. Maybe you’re overdue for a family portrait or simply want to see how you two look together on camera. Go for it and hire a talented photographer to visually tell your story of love! You can also have some new home decor on the wall you’ve been desperately looking to fill (with a nice frame). 

Rather than just scrolling through your timeline of favorite photographers on Instagram, message them and negotiate a rate to arrange a beautiful couples shoot for a later date. Throw a polaroid in a Valentine's Day Card with the day / time of the shoot.


Massage Gun

Simply put a weapon of mass production. Over the past couple of years, the massage gun has exploded onto the scene delivering immediate relief and relaxation to many backs & arms of households. All of that computer work is indeed back-breaking and takes a toll on the body. The pulsating action provides percussive therapy and deep tissue massage, which is ideal for muscle soreness and post-workout therapy.

Amazon is loaded with options. Do a deep dive and review the video & reviews before purchasing on which best suits you. 


Old habits definitely die hard. Your partner may have ten different colognes already for EVERY year that you’ve got them one over the past decade. But the good news, there’s more… Do yourself a favor and research some seasonal colognes. Quarantined at home may not require much usage but that could change this upcoming spring / summer. The warm could lead to outdoor activity and smelling good is a Groom Guy must upon walking out the door. Classics like Dolce & Gabana Light Blue or even for the young lovers' Polo Blue is a standout amongst the crowd. If you wish to add some sophistication to that I Love You message: Chanel Blue cologne says it all. Cologne breeds classic and there’s nothing more than brewing a classic kind of love



A furry friend


If you both talked about it at length, have the time to give....then GO for it. Adoption for dogs is at an all-time during the pandemic but there's still more need homes. From the unfortunate passing of owners, the birth of puppies, and countless dogs submitted into shelters, you two could be those parents of love. Dogs already prove to increase emotional support and their routined lifestyle could be a direct need of what you're both seeking a healthy routine. Those three walks a day is just what we all need to maintain some sort of proper exercise. Don't drag the decision any longer and buy the collar and deliver your partner the gift bag to schedule an adoption day. If you know the type of dog you both agreed then simply inquire now with an agency or a puppy farm (Amish are loaded with puppies).

On Rotation: Joey Bada$$ - "Let It Breathe"

I can't believe it's been almost ten years since Joey first stepped on the scene with "Survival Tactics". I still remember seeing that 17 year-old come by the NYC office with his Pro Era crew while we joke on each other's fit and outline the plan for the debut release. Working with Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era was unforgettable and I know he's still got more to offer to this game.

What better pay to kick off a pandemic birthday than a new video release and a Porsche 911 fresh out the lot? With Statik Selektah behind the board on this track, you know this duo revives the golden age we all relish and enjoy. It's clear Joey's got something in the stash for this year and I know myself and the barbershop is ready to put it on blast.

Joey Bada$$ keeps it polish'd especially seeing him as the latest face of Paco Rabanne.

Groom Guy Founder Interviews With ABC News & Discusses Pop Up in Washington DC

 A new year is upon us as we transition across the nation. The US Capital may have dealt with some recent dark days but we've able to rise above. This week was the launch of our very first Pop-Up shop in Navy Yard in Washington DC and we were met with residents desperate for a fresh cut to kick off 2021. Groom Guy has partnered with District Blackbird Salon offering private haircuts and additional grooming services including hair washes etc. ABC's WJLA arrived in the early afternoon allowing us to share the Groom Guy profile and how we've adjusted our business model during the pandemic. 

Founder Darius Davie chatted with ABC's Kidd O'Shea detailing the conception of the pop-up shop, what to expect 2021 and our community impact. 

Watch the full interview or CLICK HERE.

Finally! pharrell releases his skincare secrets [WATCH]

A year or so ago, made sure to spotlight Pharrell Williams due to his ageless skin that seems to give the reversible Benjamin Button effect. It seems like each year we see him, his skin comes more radiant. Without a mention of any magic drug, GQ was finally able to get the super producer to spill some gems on how he does it. He recently announced his skincare line, HUMAN, and we are moments away from getting that a test drive.

As you can imagine, his debut collection is currently sold out but can be viewed at the online store.

Barbers Unite In Nation's capital for voting event

Election Day was a showdown for the books. It wasn’t enough for us to sit quietly during this polarizing time. Recognize YOUR power and get rewarded for it. The one & only kicked off this past month in the nation's capital at. Blackbird Salon, one of DC's premiere salon hosted the day's festivities with cuts and free grooming products that were gifted courtesy of Art of Shaving.

Inside the NBA bubble barbershop [WATCH]

NBA ball players may be dominating the floor and getting buckets but while off the court, they're routinely getting A1 treatment with manicures, facials and haircuts. The recent move to the bubble in Orlando has caused for many players to have their general schedules turned upside down. The association created this care facility to try and mirror the barbershop experience the best way. Routine haircuts are a symbol of prestige in the league and going a week without one will quickly make you a target to the social media "sharp shooters." Now that the NBA playoffs are underway the pressure is on for the remaining teams to pull it together. Lets hope that also includes general upkeep.

Somebody get a hold of Jimmy Butler....

Upperclass Int'l interrupts your am/pm With Loungewear Collection

Take a ride with me....

As we drive pass the illuminating lights of New York City and travel across the river to New Jersey. Some may argue it falls into the shadows because of "Brother" Big Apple but neglect this State of creativity that emerges on those same metropolitan blocks. Within that table of influence comes a NJ based apparel brand, Upperclass International spearheaded by entrepreneur & artist TwonDon. If his name doesn't ring any bells, you must not be looking close enough. TwonDon grew up in The Garden State with an immediate pull into music tapping into his artistry with a slew of projects like Stay Golden EP, international tours and collaborations. Upon his career as a full time artist, TwonDon has expanded his creativity palette operating his own apparel line, UpperClass International. It's an independent ship with an operation that would have you thinking he's an army on the 30th floor in New York's corporate building. Nonetheless, TwonDon has introduced Groom Guy to his recent line that flows seamlessly in our visual lens. After purchasing the signature robe, my morning coffee sessions will never be the same.

I had an opportunity quickly chat with TwonDon on how he moved from recording to production studio on his latest apparel release.

What's the story behind this recent collection? 

With this new collection, I wanted my consumers to own garments that still made them feel luxurious and rich in the comfort of their home. We all know that our home is where we feel like ourselves without being judged by the outside world but with these pieces, whether you're alone or have company over you still have the ability to look and feel good.

Though it's loungewear, I still wanted to create a quality collection because it'll most likely be worn more than anything else in your closet so it should: have longevity & be the first thing you resort too when relaxing. 
TwonDon, FOunder

Faux Mink Navy Rubbed paired the classic brand logo.

What's in the full apparel collection and what has inspired you? 

This collection consists of Faux Mink Robes, Oxford Flannel Pajamas, and sublimated tube socks. I want to change the dynamic for men who resort to a t-shirt and basketball shorts to kick it around the house. After a long day or even a day of relaxation we should cover our bodies in something that gives us a sense of royalty. As for women, I believe in the same thing. A lot of brands don't put much thought into loungewear so I want to break the mold and be an example that just because it's mostly worn in private, doesn't mean no thought shouldn't go into it. 

How does a grooming routine play into your every day life as a recording artist and business owner? 

A grooming routine plays a big part in my day and life because I believe you have to look the part to be the part. As a musician I'm always in the public eye so I take value in keeping a haircut, a manicure, great hygiene, what I eat, exercising and anything in between. As a businessman you want people to be able to look at you once and you have the image of someone they can trust. We live in a very judgmental world, so first impressions are important. I'm also a big believer that if you look and feel good, you perform even better. 

What does it mean to Stay Polish'd for you? 

Stay Polish'd to me coincides with my term of Stay Golden. So I say that to say it means to me that you should always stay on your toes, be well aware of your world, keep yourself together in the best manner you can, stay true to yourself and those around you, stay well grounded, stay true to what you believe in, and lastly value your physical appearance. 

List 3 things you CANNOT leave the house without. 

I can't leave the house without my wallet, my jewelry, and gum lol. 

Click image to purchase

Barbers are preventing suicide one haircut at a time [watch]

The barber-client relationship has always been one cultivated in consistency, honesty and for some....vulnerability. The interaction is a public forum and moments of therapy that gives clients the ability to translate their feelings in the chair. The haircut is the medicine. If you think I'm exaggerating, try not getting a haircut for two and half months and let me know how you're holding up. A prime example of my viewpoint is expressed below with a wonderful story that can speak to all of us.

After losing a friend to suicide, Tom Chapman decided to do something about the biggest killer of young men in the UK. In a personal, moving talk he tells us about the international movement he founded building on the unique relationship between barbers and their clients to prevent suicide and save lives.

Tom Chapman is a Torquay-based barber who has made it his mission to propel the stigma of mental ill health among men into the mainstream. In 2015 founded the Lions Barber Collective, an international group of barbers who have undergone training in how to recognize symptoms of mental ill health in clients and signpost them to relevant support services. The group helps to raise awareness of mental illness and aims to prevent suicide by creating training that enables barbers to recognize, talk and listen out for symptoms of depression. - Ted Talk