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#BehindTheChair: The Only Reason We Care About Boxing is…Anthony Joshua

A new series spotlighting real life conversations in the barbershop.

In the barbershop, I had the opportunity to chat with a client on the sport of boxing. Let the record show: boxing has not been exciting over the last decade. Our major highlights include Mayweather making various lackluster appearances in shiny shorts and air-bubbled “hype.” For a moment, it looked like all hope was lost until our prayers have been answered with the nearly 250 lbs heavyweight Anthony Joshua. With a current undefeated (22-0) record, this colossal Nigerian-British titan is blowing down the competition left and right.

With a genetic makeup mirroring the greats like Mike Tyson & even Muhammed Ali, Anthony Joshua shows no signs of slowing down. After my client listed him as his favorite boxer to watch this year, it was only right I pulled up some footage for you to check out.

Step ahead Mayweather because you’re looking at the new face of boxing. Don’t believe me? See below for yourself.


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