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Beard Chronicles Ep. 2 With @Ryanosourous

Name: Ryan

Instagram: @ryanosourous
What statement does your beard make?

“My beard represents overcoming the struggle. I started growing my beard during a rough moment in my life where I was unsure of a lot of things. I grew my beard as kind of like a new beginning and ever since then nothing but positive has been manifested into my life.” 

What is your beard grooming routine for your beard? 
“I wash it every other day, pick it out and then use beard balm for shine and style.”
What has been a conversation starter with the beard? 

“Usually people ask how long I’ve been growing it etc.”

Ever plan on cutting it or beard forever?
“I don’t think I can ever cut it. I’ve had people through work ask me to cut it for a more professional look but I never folded.”
Photography by Antoine Smart
What is the best thing about having a beard?
“I think the best thing is just being different. I feel people with beards are a special breed of humans.”
Any embarrassing moments? Food caught in beard? Etc
“Yeah I was on a tinder date and we went out for dinner. We conversed for a solid 40 mins before I used the restroom. Went to the restroom looked in the mirror and I swear I had broccoli everywhere in my beard haha I’m still blown she didn’t let me know.”
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