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Introducing “Beard Chronicles” with Antoine Smart

I decided to start the Beard Chronicles series in 2013 after growing my beard and noticing more and more guys were growing beards as well.  Through my love for photography I have been able to give bearded men a platform to share their beard journey story. This series has allowed me to meet and make friends from DC all the way to LA. Learning about different guys beard journeys I have developed an interest in grooming and wellness tips for Black men.  Also, from photographing and interviewing for Beard Chronicles I have been able to tap into another creative area: writing.  I have written four blogs in the past year topics including: beards in business to mental health wellness in the Black community.

Full Beard Chronicles interviews can be found on my Instagram: @mrr360

Introducing  Ollawatti 

How long have you been growing your beard?

“I started growing my beard last November. At first I was growing it for “No Shave November” to support cancer awareness.”

Would you ever cut it?

“I have cut it a few times since growing it out but I plan on keeping it for a while this time.”

What is the coolest thing about your beard?

“The coolest thing about my beard is that I decided to support a cause and it grew on me”

Where can folks follow you?

Instagram: 0nly0ne0