Summer Madness: How Heat Directly Affects Our Hair

We know the summer time means burying the jackets and slapping on some SPF. Summer brings various levels of freedom but also seasonal challenges and bodily responsibilities. Being a hair stylist is not only about providing quality cuts but also about knowing how to increase the lifetime of my clients’ haircuts. I tell my clients, this means having to do the work when it comes to hair protection in the heat.

It’s simple and easy to justify that the warm season makes everything a bit more care-free but we don’t want to underestimate the power of the heat and the impact it has on our hair. The sun’s heat reigns supreme as one of Earth’s most dominant forces, so I advise having a defense plan for your hair when going up against mother nature.

The sun does 3 critical things when your hair is exposed to its power:

  1. It dehydrates and strips hair of moisture (leading to split ends and breakage).
  2. It hardens hair.
  3. It damages the scalp.


Unprotected overexposure to the sun can cause big problems for your scalp and hair, similar to that of hair conditions like dandruff and eczema; all ultimately leading to dry, brittle, damaged hair. The power of the sun’s rays has the ability to break down the inner molecular structure of your hair, thus making it difficult to grow naturally, causing hair to grow into a barb wire-like pattern. This means your hair and beards will have first class invitations to frizz and complete styling malfunction. It’s important to know your hair’s heat tolerance. Some hair types – coarser, thicker, wavy, or loose curly strands – can handle heat styling better than others, long term.

Thankfully, there’s a handful of products on the market which serve as heat protectants, including sprays, lotions, creams, and conditioners. Scotch Porter’s Conditioner is chemically designed to retain moisture and hydrate your scalp after it’s been shampooed or exposed to heat. You can mend hair damage by applying a conditioner which will restore moisture and serve as a first class flight to hydration. It’s your call, but I suggest, the next time you feel that ultra light beam on your scalp, follow up with the right products.

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Letter From the Editor |

Pursuing your dream while you live in comfort can be one of the most challenging circumstances to go thru. Before 2015, my career was sailing high with a career in the music business. I traveled the world, met some of my favorite artists, and didn’t have to pay for a concert ticket for an entire year (true story). I thought I had reached the level of career fulfillment and this was the path that was going to lead to that 401K.

Fast forward into the summer of 2015, it wasn’t until one of my best friends pick up a pair of shears and clippers at 12AM as he cuts his clients hair and we chat over some Modelo beers that it hit me….I want to be a [Master] Barber. It took all the energy in me to defuse my excitement and anxiety the following day….especially since I was gearing to tell me boss that I’m quitting my job after fours years in the music business.

“Quitting while your ahead is not the same as quitting.” – Chinese Proverb

My love for barbering, hair, and client relations grew stronger. I knew I wanted to honestly contribute something to society and if I were able to properly do that through self esteem building, then a pair of shears was truly MY way out. I started to grow passionate about men’s grooming and the education of general hygiene upkeep. If my friend was able to score that date because of that cologne suggestion or get that job because of his haircut, those were the moments that I wanted to create & replicate. There many men out there battling insecurity, anxiety, depression and various forms of fear living in the shadows.


Our mission isn’t to commercialize “looks” or upkeep with trends, Groom Guy is an editorial platform of “manliness” information that is simply designed to make YOU feel better by looking better. Well, I’m happy to present Groom Guy to you…for us. If we look good, we feel good.

Stay Polish’d.