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Upperclass Int’l interrupts your am/pm With Loungewear Collection

Take a ride with me….

As we drive pass the illuminating lights of New York City and travel across the river to New Jersey. Some may argue it falls into the shadows because of “Brother” Big Apple but neglect this State of creativity that emerges on those same metropolitan blocks. Within that table of influence comes a NJ based apparel brand, Upperclass International spearheaded by entrepreneur & artist TwonDon. If his name doesn’t ring any bells, you must not be looking close enough. TwonDon grew up in The Garden State with an immediate pull into music tapping into his artistry with a slew of projects like Stay Golden EP, international tours and collaborations. Upon his career as a full time artist, TwonDon has expanded his creativity palette operating his own apparel line, UpperClass International. It’s an independent ship with an operation that would have you thinking he’s an army on the 30th floor in New York’s corporate building. Nonetheless, TwonDon has introduced Groom Guy to his recent line that flows seamlessly in our visual lens. After purchasing the signature robe, my morning coffee sessions will never be the same.

I had an opportunity quickly chat with TwonDon on how he moved from recording to production studio on his latest apparel release.

What’s the story behind this recent collection? 

With this new collection, I wanted my consumers to own garments that still made them feel luxurious and rich in the comfort of their home. We all know that our home is where we feel like ourselves without being judged by the outside world but with these pieces, whether you’re alone or have company over you still have the ability to look and feel good.

Though it’s loungewear, I still wanted to create a quality collection because it’ll most likely be worn more than anything else in your closet so it should: have longevity & be the first thing you resort too when relaxing. 

TwonDon, FOunder
Faux Mink Navy Rubbed paired the classic brand logo.

What’s in the full apparel collection and what has inspired you? 

This collection consists of Faux Mink Robes, Oxford Flannel Pajamas, and sublimated tube socks. I want to change the dynamic for men who resort to a t-shirt and basketball shorts to kick it around the house. After a long day or even a day of relaxation we should cover our bodies in something that gives us a sense of royalty. As for women, I believe in the same thing. A lot of brands don’t put much thought into loungewear so I want to break the mold and be an example that just because it’s mostly worn in private, doesn’t mean no thought shouldn’t go into it. 

How does a grooming routine play into your every day life as a recording artist and business owner? 

A grooming routine plays a big part in my day and life because I believe you have to look the part to be the part. As a musician I’m always in the public eye so I take value in keeping a haircut, a manicure, great hygiene, what I eat, exercising and anything in between. As a businessman you want people to be able to look at you once and you have the image of someone they can trust. We live in a very judgmental world, so first impressions are important. I’m also a big believer that if you look and feel good, you perform even better. 

What does it mean to Stay Polish’d for you? 

Stay Polish’d to me coincides with my term of Stay Golden. So I say that to say it means to me that you should always stay on your toes, be well aware of your world, keep yourself together in the best manner you can, stay true to yourself and those around you, stay well grounded, stay true to what you believe in, and lastly value your physical appearance. 

List 3 things you CANNOT leave the house without. 

I can’t leave the house without my wallet, my jewelry, and gum lol. 

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