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Groom Guy was formulated out of necessity. In 2015, we came to the conclusion that the realm of grooming needed a platform where men could hold casual conversation and gain insight and access into a world that is hardly discussed. We sought to create an environment for our readers that ensured that topics of general upkeep, hygiene practices, and barbershop discussions could be tackled through civil discourse, devoid of feelings of discomfort and unease. Groom Guy was built to make style discussions digestible and accessible while at the same time offering our readers an alternative to the rudimentary narratives of “style” within high fashion publications. We were inspired by the culture that taught us how to think, how to argue, and how to understand; barbershop culture. The barbershop culture not only plays a huge role in our creative direction, but also stands as a creative mirror that brings about current events, seasonal grooming topics, and overall talking points on men’s health and wellness.
Through content creation, product knowledge, and community services, we’ve positioned Groom Guy as a resource brand for men that gives them the tools and information they need to amplify their daily routines. We want to explore and uncover the many gems within health and wellness that the mainstream media tends to overlook. We want Groom Guy to become a central destination for minority men of all shades and complexions to learn more about themselves and each other. Let’s blend history and present day culture surrounding men’s style and fashion with new information that redefines the social norms of “manhood”. Let’s write the new narrative. Here, we can educate the generation of young men behind us on what it means to be a “gentleman” and how that starts by first investing in yourself.

Staying Polish’d isn’t just a catch phrase for a lifestyle brand. It’s a life decision first.” – Sunny D, Founder


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