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About Groom Guy

Established in 2020.

Groom Guy, originally founded in New York City, is a Wellness Brand whose mission is to bring forth a fresh perspective on men’s wellness. We believe a self care routine is one of the most powerful life tools and a haircutting is where that pathway begins. We position ourselves as a centerpiece of luxury in the space of hair & premium servicing.


Welcome to the self-care sanctuary. Welcome to Groom Guy.

Our philosophy is that the community is our audience and the mirror is our stage. Our team carries purpose in their practice and uniqueness to the bespoke craft. It’s our goal to strive for excellence by identifying target needs, carefully outlining approaches, and showcasing ever-improving techniques to provide life’s simple pleasure of polish to everyone.

We are all connected through the routine practice of personal care and spaces like this are community touchstones that unify people like never before.

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