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Funky Grooming Habits to Retire This Spring (Part 1)

We’re moments away from kissing the winter cold goodbye. It’s about that time to dump those wool sweater / jackets into storage and retrieve those windbreakers. But its in the midst of the seasonal wardrobe change, your grooming routine needs the same, if not MORE, love and attention. Remember when you promised yourself you’d do a better job this year? Well, here’s your shot!

But before we welcome all the and exciting products to stock up on, I had to make sure your aware of the foolish habits that have to be recycled this spring. Out with the old…..and just STAY OUT!

Trim down the body hair

It was probably cute in the beginning. You had your date really getting amused twisting your body hair but now its about that time. The more body hair you keep on during this season is a welcome ticket to sweat and body odor especially if you’re juggling an alleged athletic schedule. So be sure to trim in all places (including in your basement). Trust me, she’ll thank you later. The Wahl Hero trimmer is one I keep in my personal arsenal and absolutely love! It’s powerful and takes clean all types of air evenly for a valued price.

Be sure to tidy up that facial hair especially my bearded men. Don’t wait until you’ve got Gandalf’s Lord of the Rings beard for a touch up and simply show it some clipper attention every two weeks.

Wahl Hero Trimmer


Fingernail takedown

There’s tons of slack that can be given to the elongated fingernails during the winter. We can’t hid in the dark forever. Tis the season to pull out that nail clipper making sure to cut down at least once a week. If you won’t, that day in the sun will reveal it all….all that dirt packed up in your nails. Don’t be that person getting caught trying to remove the dirt from one nail using the other!

C’mon bruh…

Change your toothbrush

Although we can celebrate your toothbrush has been steady since 2015-16, we can also celebrate the amount of germs that have contaminated on the bristles. American Dental Association explains exactly why and also other helpful tips to extend the life of your toothbrush.

In some circumstances, you should replace your toothbrush even if the bristles are not visibly frayed. When you’ve been sick with a cold or flu, or have had a mouth or throat infection, sore throat, or a mouth sore, you should replace your toothbrush even if it’s new. Doing so will help prevent re-exposing yourself or others in your household to germs that could cause an illness.

Replace socks

I’d be lying if I said hole habit in the sock is tolerable and I haven’t done it….because it’s totally not. We set ourselves up for shame once your significant other takes sight of that. It showcases poor effort & showmanship in oneself. It also allows for possible fungal odors as sweat buildup increasing during the warm spring weather. Your winter socks have been thru an mild, odor war. It’s time to give them a facelift with some new 100% cotton love of fresh socks. Don’t be weary of popping your sock game with some color too. A little goes a long way!


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Thank You Mr. President: 4 Lifetime Grooming Tips We’ll Never Forget

If you’re like us, then you were shocked to know that President Obama’s reign of supremacy is sadly coming to a close. He spoke last night at his Farewell Address to the America people in a tone of tranquility and victory. He deserves the various accolades for his continued strides & passionate efforts on looking out for the overall, common good of the American people….which now seems highly questionable with our newly President-elect (no, I won’t bother saying his name).

In the midst of maintaining his duties as commander-in-chief, we couldn’t help but notice some outstanding grooming tips from President Obama. We have to recognized his staying power to age gracefully and pick up some really helpful tips on how to look like a worldwide “Boss” and certainly look the part. Here’s what we’ve scooped over the last eight years from the President Obama:

  1. Embracing the grey 

We can imagine being the leader of the free world is no easy task and can bring loads of stress. But if I’m under any stress like this, I’m definitely trying to age like this guy. We can never truly escape wrinkles, unless you’re Pharrell Williams, and President Obama has proven that the wrinkles & grey on his hair can makes it way in smoothly. There’s no JustForMen touching that scalp. The Prez has learned to fully embrace his grey’s and they’ve returned to him with a graceful presence that signifies prestige, wisdom, and a wealth of knowledge & experience. So don’t be that guy fighting the “day of the grey”.

2. “The Obama Cut”

The President may be one of the most powerful man in the world but he still needs his haircut too. We can’t assume that it magically looks like that during his White House Press speeches. There is a man hired to make sure he looks sharp named Zariff. The native Chicago barber has climbed to fame during President Obama’s term due to his ability to quietly keep the Prez polish’d and neat with his frequent barber trips. According to his interview with Essence:

The Obama cut is a custom cut. It came about in 2004 when Mr. Obama came into the shop and said he was speaking at the Democratic National Convention that evening. So I had to make him look sharp. Before that he was wearing his hair longer and a little curlier. I took it down to a short cut, tapered on the sides, back and neck. I wanted it to look more natural. – Zariff (President Obama’s Barber)

photo courtesy of Bevel Code

3. Radiant Skin 

Whether its First Lady Michelle making sure he doesn’t leave the house looking a hot, dry mess or someone in his cabinet, the Prez continues to shine in front of the camera. We can barely spot any type of pimple or skin blemish. We’re guessing someone must have put him onto the newest Scotch Porter’s face charcoal wash or Mallin & Goetz. Either way, there’s no vaseline hitting his face & the daily skincare shows. Now its your turn…

4. Pearly Whites

I’ve ran across my fair share of C-Span correspondents and televised politicians who love showing their grillz and I’m not talking their 14K gold. Unfortunately, these “gold fronts” weren’t the ones you bought from your local dealer but from their leftover dinners they refused to brush out properly. Nothing could be worse then smiling for millions of American people with unkept teeth. President Obama is was one of the happiest presidents I’ve seen photographed. I would too if my teeth graced to cover of t-shirts, posters, and TV screens across the globe. I’m sure his dental plan isn’t cheap but well worth it. He continues to model those shiners (100% real too) with pride. It should make us want to spend an extra two minutes brushing in morning (and at night).