Shave Cream vs. Shave Gel

We know trying to decide a shaving lubricant is liking picking your favorite sports team – you have to let it choose you. It all boils down to personal preference and looked at subjectively. After reading, you have to ask yourself: what exactly do I look for in shaving?

We look for main shaving variants to provide the two important functions: preventing drying out of the skin & giving the smoothest shave and buffer between the skin and the razor.

Skin sensitivity is a common concern when we talk about shaving. Nobody wants the constant nicks, bumps, or skin burns. We’ve come to find that shaving cream has the best overall performance when it comes to a quality shave. From the richness and general application on the skin, its the perfect cushion needed. It usually comes in a tube or tub and works nicely with a shave brush. The shave brush is the key tool ensuring you cover all the grounds of facial hair you want removed. It also does the job of lifting the hair (when brushed in circular motions) guaranteeing the tough stubble is lifted & covered. Most experts say it may be healthier on the skin but be mindful of certain alcohol-based ones which may result in creams drying faster on the face thus re-applying already covered areas.

If you’re like me, time sensitivity is everything when using a product. If I can grab Dunkin Doughnuts coffee, drop off laundry, and squeeze a quick shave in, I’m a happy man. If you’re anything like that then I’d direct you over to shave gel. For those with a goatee or facial hair, shaving gel’s transparent texture allows you to know exactly where you wish the razor to go. It also prevents you from shaving over an area you already covered. I find shaving gel is a bit more travel friendly too. It’s a easy clean up for those accident spills and does not lather up. Ultimately, the best shaving lubricants are those that contain ingredients that not only protect your skin but also soothe and repair it. They provide moisture to keep your face soft and vibrant.


Shave Cream:

  • You have the additional time of lather preparation (and clean up) during your routine.
  • Thick & full lather.
  • Willing to purchase a shave brush to fully maximize the cream’s application.
  • May be a bit more expensive.
  • Observant of the ingredients that makes the cream.
  • Mostly scented.
  • Generally longer clean up process.

Shave Gel:

  • You’ll need less of the product during the shave.
  • Aiming to clean up a beard line. Easier to see.
  • It does not dry up.
  • Easier to avoid cutting into sensitive skin (breakouts etc.)
  • Unscented most of time.


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Fall / Winter Skin Regime Routine

Since the cold front has been in recent full force, its no surprise that my routine had to be kicked up a notch. I reviewed some problems and careful evaluations of my skin. I also developed some immediate solutions that can beef up my skin back to its shine & balanced moisture levels. I thought I’d share along with you some of the ongoing issues I go thru on a weekly / daily basis


  • Dry skin (especially around the nose and forehead)
  • Dry hands
  • Oily facial skin (at night)
  • Blackheads on my nose
  • Earwax buildup
  • Chapped lips

Solutions aka Regime

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Grooming 102: Some Tools Every Man Should Have in the Shower

Whether you recognize it or not, your bathroom is your sanctuary. Gone are the days of having it look like a gym locker room. Here’s some helpful necessities that can transform your bathroom & shower routine into the manly kingdom we know it can be.

#1 Body Towel

I couldn’t understand why on earth  my mother bought this for me during my college years. What I thought was a lazy college, going away gift actually turned out super helpful. The body wrapped towels give spa-like vibrations that set the perfect finish to your shower. Some include a velcro attachment allowing an easy wrap and ability to multi task throughout your morning get up.

Izod Men’s Black Terry Cotton Wrap

#2 Facial Cleanser 

Lets hope you can notice your pimple outbreak before she can and tackle it. Applying a facial cleanser to your skin while in the shower assures the most effectiveness. Why? The skin is completely wet and with a combination of steam and hot / warm water your pores can fully open up for maximum results. Apply your facial cleanser in the shower and let it sit in your skin allowing both the steam and product to work simultaneously. We’re all familiar that cleanser generally rids your oily skin, acne breakout, ingrown hairs, and those nasty blackheads.

Recommended: Billy Jealously Facial Scrub, St. Ave facial scrub, Cetaphil facial cleanser

#3 Body Brush

It’s time to rid yourself of those body rags. On top of the fact its lived in your shower collection since you moved out of your parents house, it has tons of germs still sitting on the fabrics of it (even when you do wash it). Your mother’s body rags don’t properly clean the skin anyway and actually spreads dirt along the body. Body brushes contain strong bristles that exfoliate and lift the dirt & dead skin cells from the anatomy while boosting circulation and overall glow. I swear by this product which relieves my skin of any daily toxins that may have reached my oily skin. The long handles brushes are perfect for heard to reach areas too.


#4 Foot Exfoliator

Blisters. Calluses. Corns. They’re all on the foot hit list. It’s time to rid yourself of those disasters before that summer heat. I was introduced to a new device: Micro-Pedi Man. From the description, it gently and effectively buffs away dead, calloused, hard and dry skin in seconds. Classic metal scrapers can be dangerous & harmful since the metal can potentially cut the skin. Elevate your shower experience with this new device at a valued price of $19.99 via Amazon. Special shouts Alex Bracetti for the reference on this! 



#5 Soap Dish

Soap dishes are simple yet helpful household accessories that benefit users in many ways. In shared bathrooms, for instance, they are perfect for storing soap after having a bath. Nobody wants to share that bar soap amongst all their roommates. Instead of placing soap on the floor or on the countertop of your bathroom, a quality model will never disappoint you. For those that hate bathing with mushy soap on the other hand, soap dishes have well-draining systems that keep soap dry.

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4 Common Shaving Mistakes

I got the opportunity to spend some time with friends in Virginia this past weekend. As usual barber instinct, I asked how’d my friend’s shaving routine was coming along. Like many of you, he shared that its been a continuous battle of uncertainty of products or simply not knowing what he should & should not do.

Over the course of the past couple months, I was able  to retrieve some response from various guys what troubles them most about their shaving experience. Maybe you can relate to some & fall right in line on the shaving rollercoaster:


If you ever wish to give a personal invitation to razor bumps, you can simply shave (with a razor) in the opposite direction of your skin. Before you shave, its crucial to feel the direction of where your skin grows. For some it may flow downward and others upward but you must make sure that is clear before any razor touches the skin. Knowing this will help increase chances of a smooth shave & healthy regrowth pattern.


We’ve all experienced the barbershop at some point and been slapped with some classic rubbing alcohol after a close haircut. The truth is it may be a “disinfectant” but it is also another evil to dryness & razor bump development. Sterilization is important but there’s many more alternatives that do not strip your skin of its natural oils or feeling stone cold dry like Aloe Vera or Witch Hazel).

Fact: Surfactants and alcohol contribute to the problem of acne instead of preventing outbreaks while additionally causing dryness and irritation, according to a study by the National Institutes of Health in 2011.


Gone are the days of your cheap BIC razors. Don’t become another victim to the conventional-shaving experience you get sold in TV ads and the “mens grooming” department at CVS or Walgreens. Treat your face with some respect and dignity. There’s currently a variety of upstart brands that are looking to redefine that shaving industry by first producing Grade A quality blades at a fair, competitive price. Many of these regular department store blades are poorly-produced and lack durability. Companies like Harry’s and Bevel stand at the forefront of the new shaving crusade. R.I.P. Bic Blades

Note: Both shaving products can be found in your local Target store.



I understand that every shave experience is different. Some may need more product then others but the fundamentals remain the same. The execution always starts with a pre shave and ends with an aftershave routine. Developing these healthy practices now will have a strong benefit in the long run & you should start seeing immediate results.