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Grooming 101: [Barber] Tools Every Man Should Carry at Home

We GRIEVE when we discover our barber is out of town for weeks, all booked up, or simply in barber Heaven with the man upstairs. I mean, who the hell said he / she could take a vacation anyway?! Bastards. Well fortunately there are some basic tools you can equip at home that’ll give you the proper maintenance until your next barber visit. It definitely won’t be anything close to the barbershop experience but it’ll keep you polish’d enough for that next date, meeting, or just hangout with the homies.

1. Andis Trimmer T-Outliner

Moses had his rod to fight against Pharaoh. And now you can have yours. The Andis trimmer maintains its reputation as a staple instrument in the barber industry. For that easy front touch or a quick morning takedown of stubble, the Andis trimmer is the barber-approved must have in your bathroom dopp kit. The best $50 you’ll spend if your serious about your polish.

2. Nick Relief 

Unless your Superman, better yet Luke Cage, none of us are immune to a nick or cut every once in awhile when  the shave experience comes our way. Nick powder is a long lasting solution that immediately stops the bleeding of any minor nick or cut. Clubman Powder is irritation free and gets the job done for just $5.


3. Shears

I’m not talking about your household scissors so you can get that out of your head. Your hair still deserves respect which means its imperative to properly utilize cutting scissors aka Shears. The cutting shears have specially-made blades that are designed to cut with precision. From basic beard maintenance to hair trimmings, shears can complete the task at hand after you’re dressed up. These can also be found in your local pharmacy or hair supply shop.

Note: Let your barber do his / her job with a full haircut applying all the techniques & consult you on your hair growth, patterns etc.

4. Shaver Machine

A lot of master barbers tell me and their clients time & time again that this tool is a must. The recent release of the shaver machines have left many barbers happy. Not only does it save an enormous amount of time in the mirror but its guaranteed to give you that closet shave with a simple upward or downward motion. So if you’re like me and always five degrees away from razor bumps, this machine is an absolute necessity. Two major companies that currently supply the best shaver machines on the market:

(Click on both to watch video demonstrations) 

Andis Shaver


Wahl Shaver


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