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Helpful tips we learn from series ‘Luke Cage’

I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of bing weekends catching up fully on the new TV series that hit Netflix a month or so ago Luke Cage. Mike Colter dives well into the superhero role seeming to open a can of whoop ass throughout the entire season. But besides being an enormous super sized muscle head, Luke Cage allows us to draw up some helpful grooming tips that may assist you along your journey. Super hero or not, we’re all trying to gain climb that ladder of style immortality. Here’s what we were able to configure:


Throughout the entire season, I was able to spot a single spot of stubble on that man’s head. After being shot at I’m sure those bullets burn those hair particles right off but it seems like every episode he keeps baldness maintained and polished. The real question, when does he have to time shave at all. He hasn’t been home all 12 episodes….


Now I’ve taken noticed to the recent hole-in-shirts trend that seems to emerge in the rock star fan base but Luke Cage clearly draws the line. It seems he may be pushing the boundary here on grunge style and we can label it just plain ol’ dirty. The continued bullet holes in his shirt should not be mistaken for a Yeezy concert tee! So if you can count half as many holes in your shirt as Cage does in a single episode, treat your to a fresh one in your closet.


We can agree that Luke Cage had no excuse for looking dusty especially in those first couples episodes. He literally works in a barbershop so he gets shown no grace here. He once again reminds us that if you’re going to wear muscle tees and flirt with chocolate women periodically, you can at least make sure that facial hair and head is polish’d which he maintains effortlessly. Like Pops, some barbers anticipate your next visit for a clean up and good conversation.


At first glace, spending the money on a straight razor shave can be looked at as a luxury but for some that service is timely. A barber’s hand is sometimes just the finisher we need to professionally present for that next job opportunity, camera appearance or to just have a light night score. Be sure to keep that barber visit on  your radar every 2-3 weeks for that polish’d style like fictional character below: Cottonmouth.



Between his cameo appearance on Netlix’s Jessica Jones to the female characters on his own sitcom we can draw the conclusion that Luke Cage keeps a dime or two “buddies” in his back pocket. Thanks to him, this is a constant reminder to always be prepared for those unpredictable nights as well as making sure the “boys” downstairs are cleaned and ready to work for what can be a festive evening. He reminds us to make sure we don’t leave the house without those Trojans….


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