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Premiere: Jawn Boy brings new sounds to self-care with Groom Guy Radio

Some of us may be battling the stubble or feeling the inconsistency of seeing the local barber-stylist since the pandemic began last year. Don’t worry, we’ve cooked up something that’ll get you through. Nobody wants to shave in silence or maybe bathe in boredom, so we’re bringing it all straight to you.


Recently teaming with Washington DC’s Jawn Boy, we reintroduce Groom Guy Radio premiering Self-Care Sounds Mix 001 where we bring you the official soundtrack to self-care. From barbershop vibrations to the energy of a salon, we want it to feel like you never left. Now you can clean your bathroom, wash your beard, get ready for a virtual date night in style. Stay tuned for our new monthly playlist series.

Stay Polish’d & turn the volume all the way up! Catch the latest from Jawn Boy of Bumppp Records! HERE.

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