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COVID19: Ways to Support Your Local Barber (During This Time)

We’ve received your DMs. Your calls. Your letters.

If your relationship with your personal barber was at risk for any reason a national pandemic would be a legitimate reason. It’s no surprise the current state of the US economy is under turmoil and many jobs have been terminated or left in uncertainty. One of them is your friendly, neighborhood barber or hair stylists. The government restraints have caused many barbers & business owners to close their doors resulting in an immediate loss of income. For most, it’s a commissioned based business so no work simply adds to no funds. They’re consistency and loyalty to you, as a client, over the years hopefully speaks volumes. Now I’m not saying you’re barber should be greeted with a bouquet of white flowers at his/her doorstep but some kind gestures could mean the most during these times. Take a look below at some considerable options for the one person (next to your attorney) who ensured your happiness every time you left his/her “office.”

Book a future appointment 

That first appointment back should be nothing short of pure magic. It’ll reduce any stress from barber-stylists knowing you’re securing a spot with them at a later date. Many hair businesses are equipped with online booking & everything is just a click away to complete the task. If there’s no online booking, contact them directly and make it happen. Cash may be tight so paying for a haircut in advance could be a big help. 

Purchase merchandise from online shop 

From t-shirts to customized hats, barber brands have extended their revenue streams with merchandise. Here’s the opportunity to drive sales directly to the barbershop that has cared for you…and you get to wear it! Give your Amazon account a break and throw down on some limited product lines that could use your communal support. Some companies have production warehouses that are currently operating so you’ll still be able to receive your package in a timely manner throughout the shutdown. I recently scooped some merchandise from Social Club’s limited collection packed with fresh jackets and tees.

Gift cards purchases 

This may be new to some but gift cards are a great way to support your local barber. The card can easily be purchased online & used for service at a later time. Some even let you pick your barber, that way, they can secure whatever commission percentage they earn from the purchase. A sweet double dose of love is getting a gift card then scheduling a future (hopefully not summer) appointment. 

Support Donation Page (GoFundMe etc.) 

Rather than just one barber-stylist you may feel obliged to give to an entire company. With that, owners are beginning to launch GoFundMe and donation campaigns for financial assistance. The struggles of not being able to pay employees is a heavy burden for owners, so the donation page is a pitch of vulnerability and honesty during this virus outbreak. Companies refuse to take the risk of opening their shop doors which is obviously understandable: protecting clients but also their team. Washington’s D.C. Barber of Hell’s Bottom shared story gave an inside look into the realities of their recent shutdown. 

Moral $upport

For some, this quarantine time is a space of complete isolation. The weight of uncertainty sits heavy for many in the hair business. If your wallet doesn’t allow, a simple message or shoutout on social media could be helpful. Posting or sharing your barber’s page can draw any potential new viewers and clients to his/her page. Use the extra time to even insert a positive review on Google, Yelp etc. These acts of kindness is what continues to combat the fear and anxiety for some and simply what the rest of the world needs now.

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