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4 Reasons a Grooming Routine is Important

After spending over a year studying the haircare industry, I still tussle understanding the phrase “grooming routine” means or what entails exactly. We hear that phrase across various mens magazines, articles, and websites but quickly bypass it like a Donald Trump speech. But nonetheless, as I realize I still leave the house forgetting the little things like cleaning behind my ears, putting on just a tad bit more deodorant or simply wearing briefs over boxers (Wedgie, USA). These may seem like obvious responsibilities to you but you’d be surprised to know why its important to maintain a healthy routine..


Balancing a regimen goes far beyond self reminders to brush your teeth before you go to sleep. There are plenty of us working 20+ hours a week not looking to be reminded to clip our toe nails but its this fundamental education that keeps us on the pathway of cleanliness. When we have the knowledge and basic understanding of our bodily hygiene, we’re able to combat it with the necessary solutions. You may think I’m exaggerating but the education can save a life, your armpits, and your wallet.


I love Tom Ford and Y’veslaurent like the next man but unfortunately the way my account is set up….clearly doesn’t allow me to restock happily when needed. You can diffuse circus trips to the pharmacy trying new shampoos and hair products if you have an idea of how much you’re willing to spend. A lot of your basic needs for general upkeep and cleanliness should not cost you more then what you know you can spend. If your able to tackle your budget, you’ll be able to get the most out of your experience.

photo by Slick Jackson
photo by Slick Jackson


I’d be lying if I said we didn’t launch this to make sure you get the girl (or significant other) of your dreams. With the proper routine, you can keep that special someone entertained and ready to drop it like its hot upon request. If we have expectations for our loved ones to have a respectable upkeep, its only right we give that right back to them.


You may have the flyest resume on the planet but still wondering why your career has been falling short or working tirelessly to make your boss notice you. It all boils down to making that statement entrance. Many of us still make immediate judgements off personal appearance. In a matter of seconds, we scan people already making premeditated conclusions. Since we do that, its only right if you give people something to remember. GIVE PEOPLE SOMETHING TO REMEMBER. Your grooming routine can be set at such a high standard that it directly reflects how you want to be treated at your job. Maybe this time that sexy new assistant will notice you…




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