I have lengthy popular the design of the actual black switch replicate Breitling Chronomat 44 Blacksteel models and finally were built with a possibility to don one of these simple items for a couple several weeks recently. Better still, your model My partner and i acquired pertaining to review has been from associated with fake richard mille Breitling's most iconic as well as historically substantial selections, your Chronomat, in their big-but-not-oversized 44-mm model.

Fb. In. Tw. Be.

Letter From the Editor

We’ve all heard it: If your dream doesn’t scare you then you’re not dreaming hard enough.

Consider me terrified then. In the year of 2015 , my mornings kicked up circus juggling of NYC bagels and iced coffee from a neighborhood foo truck. I felt an internal pull to pursue something else, outside of the music business, which had already consumed my life. It wasn’t until a couple random google searches and spa-like haircutting experiences that it hit me….I want to be a barber stylist. With a couple words of confidence from a decorated barber, designer, and dear friend in Brooklyn studio of “I’m not here to hold your hand,” it was just the energy I needed to quit my job and set sail.

My love for the hair business grew stronger as I dived deeper into the past. It was like the more I went into the history of hair and men’s style the more clarity I received for a bright future. I knew I wanted to honestly contribute something rich to society and if I were able to properly do that through self esteem building, then haircutting was truly my way. If a person was able to earn a date, get complement amongst friends, or get that job because of styling decision, those were the precious moments that I wanted to be apart of.

Building this brand helped me understand the power of institutions like the barbershop: where a man can evolve into a man.

Groom Guy is a lifestyle company of “manliness” that is programmed to make you feel better by looking better. If you look good, we feel good.

Stay Polish’d.

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