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Letter From the Editor

We’ve all heard it: If your dream doesn’t scare you then you’re not dreaming hard enough.

Reset and restart. That’s something I wanted to do the most in 2016. It wasn’t until an encounter in the barber chair while battling a slight dose of depression that it hit me: I wanted to make people especially men feel good exactly the same way a barber-stylists does. It was there that the Groom Guy journey began…

My love for the hair business grew stronger as I dived deeper into the history of the craft. It was like the more I went into the history of hair and men’s style the more clarity I received for a bright future.  I knew I wanted to honestly contribute something rich to society and if I were able to properly do that through self esteem building, then haircutting was truly my way. If a person was able to reestablish their confidence, overcome of some of their worst fears, earn a promotion attributed by a styling decision, those were the precious moments that I wanted to be apart of.

Building this agency helped me understand the power of institutions like the barbershop: where any person can evolve into the person they envision.

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