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07 Dec 2016

Daily Ritual of Michael Chamley-Watson with VICE [VIDEO]

If you weren’t able to watch this past year’s Olympics or simply sleep to the sport of fencing, chances are you’ve never heard of Michael-Chamley Watson. Standing tall at 6″4, Michael remains one of the most prolific athletes in the sport of fencing. Proclaimed as the “bad boy” of the 100+ year sport,  he continues […]

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14 Nov 2016

Fall / Winter Skin Regime Routine

Since the cold front has been in recent full force, its no surprise that my routine had to be kicked up a notch. I reviewed some problems and careful evaluations of my skin. I also developed some immediate solutions that can beef up my skin back to its shine & balanced moisture levels. I thought […]

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24 Oct 2016

F*ck you Flu (Season)

If you’re like me, then you think you’re invincible from any sickness or cold 99.9% of the time. My stubbornness gets the best of me most of the time thinking I don’t have to properly prepare for the cold season thats amongst us. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way coming home to full tidal wave […]

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14 Oct 2016

4 Reasons a Grooming Routine is Important

After spending over a year studying the haircare industry, I still tussle understanding the phrase “grooming routine” means or what entails exactly. We hear that phrase across various mens magazines, articles, and websites but quickly bypass it like a Donald Trump speech. But nonetheless, as I realize I still leave the house forgetting the little things […]

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