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Groom Guy Premieres “In The Cut” (Episode 1) [WATCH]

It’s been a couple years in the making but its finally here. We’re continuing 2019 giving you guys the most authentic and original material possible. A barbershop series has been a personal passion project of mine with two years in the making. The goal of the series is simple: tell your truth and leave it all in the chair.

I had the opportunity to travel out to Washington DC and step into the creative “dojo” of renaissance man and artistic entrepreneur Amir Browder of Homme DC. His studio stands as a communal ground that visually showcasing independent and emerging artists. From collection releases from designers, DJs, video screenings to even dinner parties, Homme DC is a platform with limited creative boundaries and has strings of creative works that fortify a strong community base.

Watch below the first half of this two-part debut as Amir describes why he built this place, what it means, and how developing a grooming routine is integrated in his as a stylist, business owner, son and more.

Be sure to check out more of Homme DC in the latest Washingtonian article here.



Originally posted Ruggedly Groomed

Now I know the idea of not going to the barbershop every weekend may scare some of you fellas, but listen up first. Like many kids growing up, the barbershop was a weekly routine. Every Saturday at noon I made my way to the shop religiously. I understood it; my mother wanted me to look tight for the up coming school week but was it healthy for my hair? No not really. What a lot of men don’t understand about going to the barbershop weekly is that this can cause a lot of long-term problems for your hair. Best thing you can do is get on a routine with your barber and here are my benefits to placing your haircut on a bi-weekly schedule.


Repeatedly cutting your hair can cause major negative effects on your hair growth over time. You may not see it at first, but the older you get it will have it effects. Your hair needs time to recover and grow. Giving your hair time to recover not only helps hair growth, it also helps hair strength.


Lets face it, balding comes with age. Some men are blessed with a head full of hair their whole life. Some are not so lucky, but fellas lets not help our hair leave us to soon or to fast. Consistently cutting your hair low can stunt hair growth, weaken the hair over time, and it can also cause hair not to grow back. Everyone has sections of their hair that is weaker then others. Just take notice and be careful not to cut, pull or brush that section to the point of no return.


Your Hair Line is running! Your Hair Line is running! The town messenger cried out (don’t mind me, I have to throw in random history references). The common killer of hairlines for men are to many trips to a barbershop and getting touched up. Men want to look fresh all the time; its part of being a person. We as people want to look and feel good all the time and this is something we work hard daily to complete everyday. A reason like this is what really keep men in the barbershop every week. This is not so great for your hairline though. The less the clippers, or the razor, does not touch your hairline the easier it will be to keep it in place. You have to give your hairline time to recover before you touch it up again. This will save your hairline from receding and over time you will notice your hairline compared to others that’s in pretty good shape.

Anthony James remaining polish’d.

Placing your hair on a bi-weekly schedule would help you cover your bases and will prevent these common problems we see with a lot of men. Lets look at celebrities as a perfect example. They are always under pressure to look their best and this causes them to consistently call upon their barbers. As they age we can see the clear problems within their hair, lost of the hairline and the common bald spot in the back. Give your hair a break, let it breath and give it time to recover. Your hair will thank you in the long run.

Follow more of Anthony James here.

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Hol’ the Phone: Scotch Porter Relaunches Hair Balm [WATCH]

It’s nothing to know as the diversity of hair and readership is amongst us, we spend a lot of time figuring out what products cater to our specific needs. Very rarely can be find something with a universal effect that gets the job done whether you contain straight, textured or curly hair etc. Look no further because Groom Guy-favorite Scotch Porter is here.

After watching the release video above, our guess is that the new & improved  hair balm has a universal capability to be the perfect finish to all hair types. According to the official site:

 Attention humans with frizzy, and or moisture-depleted heads: here is your remedy. Our Hair Balm immediately renews moisture and prevents frizz for healthier looking hair. Enriched with Marshmallow Root, Agave Nectar and Broccoli Seed Oil our Hair Balm creates shine, definition and texture without the stiffness and residue of a heavy pomade or gel. Leaves hair conditioned, silky, residue-free without weighing down your hair or irritating your scalp.

It seems as though all we can do is wait for the overall feedback. I am excited to see the potential of what this product can do so stay tuned for that review set to launch on product reviews page real soon!  Be sure to get your hands on it here.

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Funky Grooming Habits to Retire This Spring (Part 1)

We’re moments away from kissing the winter cold goodbye. It’s about that time to dump those wool sweater / jackets into storage and retrieve those windbreakers. But its in the midst of the seasonal wardrobe change, your grooming routine needs the same, if not MORE, love and attention. Remember when you promised yourself you’d do a better job this year? Well, here’s your shot!

But before we welcome all the and exciting products to stock up on, I had to make sure your aware of the foolish habits that have to be recycled this spring. Out with the old…..and just STAY OUT!

Trim down the body hair

It was probably cute in the beginning. You had your date really getting amused twisting your body hair but now its about that time. The more body hair you keep on during this season is a welcome ticket to sweat and body odor especially if you’re juggling an alleged athletic schedule. So be sure to trim in all places (including in your basement). Trust me, she’ll thank you later. The Wahl Hero trimmer is one I keep in my personal arsenal and absolutely love! It’s powerful and takes clean all types of air evenly for a valued price.

Be sure to tidy up that facial hair especially my bearded men. Don’t wait until you’ve got Gandalf’s Lord of the Rings beard for a touch up and simply show it some clipper attention every two weeks.

Wahl Hero Trimmer


Fingernail takedown

There’s tons of slack that can be given to the elongated fingernails during the winter. We can’t hid in the dark forever. Tis the season to pull out that nail clipper making sure to cut down at least once a week. If you won’t, that day in the sun will reveal it all….all that dirt packed up in your nails. Don’t be that person getting caught trying to remove the dirt from one nail using the other!

C’mon bruh…

Change your toothbrush

Although we can celebrate your toothbrush has been steady since 2015-16, we can also celebrate the amount of germs that have contaminated on the bristles. American Dental Association explains exactly why and also other helpful tips to extend the life of your toothbrush.

In some circumstances, you should replace your toothbrush even if the bristles are not visibly frayed. When you’ve been sick with a cold or flu, or have had a mouth or throat infection, sore throat, or a mouth sore, you should replace your toothbrush even if it’s new. Doing so will help prevent re-exposing yourself or others in your household to germs that could cause an illness.

Replace socks

I’d be lying if I said hole habit in the sock is tolerable and I haven’t done it….because it’s totally not. We set ourselves up for shame once your significant other takes sight of that. It showcases poor effort & showmanship in oneself. It also allows for possible fungal odors as sweat buildup increasing during the warm spring weather. Your winter socks have been thru an mild, odor war. It’s time to give them a facelift with some new 100% cotton love of fresh socks. Don’t be weary of popping your sock game with some color too. A little goes a long way!



4 Reasons a Grooming Routine is Important

After spending over a year studying the haircare industry, I still tussle understanding the phrase “grooming routine” means or what entails exactly. We hear that phrase across various mens magazines, articles, and websites but quickly bypass it like a Donald Trump speech. But nonetheless, as I realize I still leave the house forgetting the little things like cleaning behind my ears, putting on just a tad bit more deodorant or simply wearing briefs over boxers (Wedgie, USA). These may seem like obvious responsibilities to you but you’d be surprised to know why its important to maintain a healthy routine..


Balancing a regimen goes far beyond self reminders to brush your teeth before you go to sleep. There are plenty of us working 20+ hours a week not looking to be reminded to clip our toe nails but its this fundamental education that keeps us on the pathway of cleanliness. When we have the knowledge and basic understanding of our bodily hygiene, we’re able to combat it with the necessary solutions. You may think I’m exaggerating but the education can save a life, your armpits, and your wallet.


I love Tom Ford and Y’veslaurent like the next man but unfortunately the way my account is set up….clearly doesn’t allow me to restock happily when needed. You can diffuse circus trips to the pharmacy trying new shampoos and hair products if you have an idea of how much you’re willing to spend. A lot of your basic needs for general upkeep and cleanliness should not cost you more then what you know you can spend. If your able to tackle your budget, you’ll be able to get the most out of your experience.

photo by Slick Jackson
photo by Slick Jackson


I’d be lying if I said we didn’t launch this to make sure you get the girl (or significant other) of your dreams. With the proper routine, you can keep that special someone entertained and ready to drop it like its hot upon request. If we have expectations for our loved ones to have a respectable upkeep, its only right we give that right back to them.


You may have the flyest resume on the planet but still wondering why your career has been falling short or working tirelessly to make your boss notice you. It all boils down to making that statement entrance. Many of us still make immediate judgements off personal appearance. In a matter of seconds, we scan people already making premeditated conclusions. Since we do that, its only right if you give people something to remember. GIVE PEOPLE SOMETHING TO REMEMBER. Your grooming routine can be set at such a high standard that it directly reflects how you want to be treated at your job. Maybe this time that sexy new assistant will notice you…





Letter From the Editor |

Pursuing your dream while you live in comfort can be one of the most challenging circumstances to go thru. Before 2015, my career was sailing high with a career in the music business. I traveled the world, met some of my favorite artists, and didn’t have to pay for a concert ticket for an entire year (true story). I thought I had reached the level of career fulfillment and this was the path that was going to lead to that 401K.

Fast forward into the summer of 2015, it wasn’t until one of my best friends pick up a pair of shears and clippers at 12AM as he cuts his clients hair and we chat over some Modelo beers that it hit me….I want to be a [Master] Barber. It took all the energy in me to defuse my excitement and anxiety the following day….especially since I was gearing to tell me boss that I’m quitting my job after fours years in the music business.

“Quitting while your ahead is not the same as quitting.” – Chinese Proverb

My love for barbering, hair, and client relations grew stronger. I knew I wanted to honestly contribute something to society and if I were able to properly do that through self esteem building, then a pair of shears was truly MY way out. I started to grow passionate about men’s grooming and the education of general hygiene upkeep. If my friend was able to score that date because of that cologne suggestion or get that job because of his haircut, those were the moments that I wanted to create & replicate. There many men out there battling insecurity, anxiety, depression and various forms of fear living in the shadows.


Our mission isn’t to commercialize “looks” or upkeep with trends, Groom Guy is an editorial platform of “manliness” information that is simply designed to make YOU feel better by looking better. Well, I’m happy to present Groom Guy to you…for us. If we look good, we feel good.

Stay Polish’d.